We told Canadians they deserve a better data plan

If you own a mobile device in Canada, chances are you’ve been hit with a data overage charge at one time or another. In fact, as many as 46% of consumers pay additional overage fees over the course of a year - according to a 2016 survey by the CRTC. It’s a major pain point for Canadian mobile users who pay among the highest rates in the world. We used that human insight to create the “You Deserve Freedom” campaign for Freedom Mobile.

The campaign features comedian and actor Will Arnett, whose pointed commentary on the state of wireless fees makes him the campaign’s de facto champion of Canadian wireless customers.

“There are few times in my career where the starting point has been so obvious, where there are such clear, demonstrable issues with pricing in a category, that you can laser in on it and know that you’re going to succeed in terms of having a penetrating message,” says Paul McAleese, President of wireless at Shaw Communications, which owns Freedom Mobile.

Will Arnett is featured as a whistleblower that sheds light on what's going on in the Canadian mobile space. He allows us to level with Canadians not in an overly aggressive way, but in a truly Canadian way - with fun and humour. And it gives us a lot of creative opportunity moving forward.

The decision to approach the campaign with light-heartedness was the result of not wanting to vilify and blame customers who have had negative experiences with data overages. In that sense, Arnett, is the perfect fit to play the role of the humorous, irreverent, smart friend.

The campaign is another chapter in the evolution of the Freedom Mobile Big Gig platform - featuring the most competitive plans in the market. While the first phase established the value of Big Gigs this chapter leverages a deeper narrative. He delivers a fresh level of authenticity for the that Canadians are hungry for and in a way that’s transparent, honest and on-the-side-of-Canadians.

This latest campaign continues to position Freedom Mobile as a category disruptor. Freedom gives Canadians what they truly need for their increasingly mobile and data-heavy lives and is the brand to end mobile compromise.

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