We showed Canadians that they might not be ready for retirement after all.

Millions of Canadians think they’re prepared for retirement, but they’re not. They face very real retirement challenges – inflation and the need for a stable monthly income, and ensuring their money lasts as long as they do. Fortunately, Real Income from Sentry Investments is the first retirement program to deliver a stable income that adjusts annually with inflation to protect their standard of living during retirement. We needed to tell Canadians nearing retirement to ask their financial advisor about it.

We turned traditional aspirational financial advertising on its head to illustrate the looming retirement crisis. Evocative retirement images were juxtaposed with cold hard facts to create a strikingly disruptive message. The takeaway was crystal clear – despite their retirement dreams, many Canadians are financially unprepared and their quality of life will suffer if they don't take charge.